School Term & Holiday Sewing Kids Classes

Sewing classes develop creative thinking and motor skills: Sewing requires problem-solving, creativity, and motor skills.

It encourages kids to think outside the box and develop their fine motor skills. Also kids Sewing can be a challenging activity, and it can take a lot of time and patience to complete a project. This teaches children the importance of patience and perseverance. Check out below what we offer as Term-based classes and school holidays sewing camps.

what other have to say about our sewing classes perth

Hi, I’m Olga!

I am a Russian girl with an Aussie heart. I am so grateful to live in the most beautiful country in the world and have an opportunity to follow my sewing passion!

From a young age I was mesmerised by the ability to turn fabrics into unique garments, which often drew comment from admirers for their beauty and character. Below are some hard to find pictures of me in my “me made” garments when I was still studying at school.

You might find it hard to believe that I am a Process Engineer by my degree, but I am a seamstress in my heart! Sewing been my passion through all my life. I was dreaming about becoming a fashion designer.